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A city I feel and know well, in spite of my comings and goings. Love to capture the things I love and feel most. The old and new districts where I grew up and where I live when I am there. Its strange cityscape where ancient and post-war buildings co-exist, where cement and limestone have invaded people's lives to the same degree, but with different results. It is a city that has changed through the centuries and keeps changing moving from the remote past of the settlement spanning from Santa Gilla lagoon to Bonaria heights, to the city that now spreads out to the Campidano towards the villages/towns that once used to seem so far away - surely they were to our parents - and on to the coast to the East and to the West. Coming home, every time, evokes feelings that I experienced elsewhere, and yet are more powerful and bonding. It was the same feeling that had invaded me when I first saw the beauty of Venice and Florence, and the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento; it was like walking through Paestum or the Dome at Cologne; it was seeing, with the eyes of the mind, the French kings being crowned at Reims and touching with my own hand the Roman limes at Bregenz, or watching the Rhine aflame at Remagen, with the fallen Ludendorff bridge, a horrendous testimonial of the destructive effects of war. Cagliari is one world and many worlds for me: my roots are partly Ligurian, partly Piemontese and partly 'Cagliaritane', I feel part of this tapestry of sounds, colours, voices, scents and hearts that make up Cagliari - my CITY.

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