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Mariana Costa Weldon

Mariana Costa Weldon

Balerna, Ticino



Passion for captured moments into photographic [sic] images, resulting from a dynamic, varied and rich life and out of curiosity for the world around - because of an inexplicable attraction towards nature, life, emotions.

Some say that what moves her work is an innate sensorial ability and keen interest for the tiniest details, and for not letting the fleeting moment disappear without trace and memory, rather seizing it forever, making it hers/yours/the world's.

Research into the invisibly visible is the Prime Mover in this quest that goes after unrepeatable experiences - supposedly like anyone's - a need and propulsion into the realm of the unexplored self.

The crepuscule and its surreal light, the rapid passing of clouds, a blink into fragmented land-scape or urban-scape: these she sees and interprets unconventionally and diversely every time - from a car in motion, from a train, from a boat, or standing in awe before, beside, inside, outside, below, above, over the object of desire that holds her heart, mind and eye spellbound. Like everything in her life, mood and emotion determine where she goes and what she does; rarely school or technique, at least in the creative streak.

You might think improvisation the main element of her style, if one wishes to call it so; yet, wasting a second glance on the images with the eyes of the heart, you may find the less substantial and evident aspect, deeply hidden, and invisible only to the heartless eye, which tells you chance is not at the core of her creation - rather emotions, and a Stendhalian love of detail, cause and effect, self-surprise, wonderment at the beauty of God's and human creation.


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